Chessplayground App

Judit Polgar, the best female chess player of all time introduces children step by step to this exciting game and mind sport. Along with the series of 9 cartoons and more than one hundred fun and colorful exercises children can learn the basics of chess and will be able to start to play their first ever chess game.

Judit's name is well known in the world: she is the greatest female chess player of all time, being female world number one for 26 years. Being a mother herself, she knows the abilities and preferences of this age group very well. The app presents the skill-building board game in an original, fresh and captivating way, using modern technical tools. The series is accompanied by stunning visuals. The characters are charming: each one of them being quite a personality. It drives and motivates children towards self-learning. The app is suitable for both home-based learning and as an indispensable complementary tool for preschool education in the digital era.

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