Judit Polgar and her team have developed a new and unique educational method. Instead of teaching chess as a sport and game the traditional way, the Educational Chess approach goes beyond the usual boundaries of teaching chess. Starting from 2013, Skill Developing Chess is officially part of the National Curriculum in Hungary.
According to our method, chess becomes an exceptional learning tool, especially useful for children born into our present day digital society. The Judit Polgar Chess Palace program is not about training chess players. Although it is based on the basic rules of chess, Educational Chess is integrated into the regular curriculum in order to facilitate students’ progress in the principal subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and even Reading, Writing and Arts & Crafts. Playing chess is not the goal, it is a tool; an extremely efficient tool for logical thinking and a quick, smart decision-making. Chess Palace is a learning playground with physical boundaries of the chessboard and endless creative solutions in education.

One of the oldest game in history – The educational tool of the future

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