Chess Palace Textbooks

Chess Palace textbook package is an elementary student’s book and workbook series for grade 1-2 students. This is a unique teaching material which rather than teaching chess in a traditional way, it goes beyond the sport and the game. It focuses on improving academic skills, logical, creative thinking and problem solving. It prepares children to be able to accept the challenges of the digital society they live in. The teaching material has exceptionally strong skills training through cross-curricular links with Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, Arts & Crafts and Foreign Languages. The chess exercises are completely integrated into the regular elementary school curriculum, giving an incentive system sufficient to accelerate young children’s IQ. The Chess Palace series is supported by a very practical teacher’s book.

The Chess Palace textbook package has been published in Hungarian so far. Click on the samples of the English translation below.

Chess Palace Student Book Teacher’s Guide Book
Exercise Book
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